JD Lees, editor of G-Fan magazine, welcomes attendees to the Concention at the ribbon cutting ceremony
A good crowd assembles for the Costume Contest and Video Competition

G-Fan's 1997
Godzilla Convention

      On the weekend of August 1-3, Godzilla fans from all over North America gathered in Chicago for the annual G-Fan magazine gathering of Godzilla fans. There were panel discussions, guest speakers, costume, video and modeling contests. I was able to attend and had a great time. Take the time to explore this site and enjoy the pictures I took at the convention.

A pretty Godzilla fan appears unawed by Gigan's fearsome appearance.
Over the days of the convention, movies and video's played for attendees to watch, including the brand new dubbed version of Gamera: Guardian of the Universe, the classic Godzilla vs the Thing, and the anime film Super Atragon. There were three dealer rooms full of Godzilla merchandise. Godzilla video games were demonstrated in the display area. In conference room special guests and Godzilla fans gave and attended discussions of a wide variety of Godzilla related topics. On Saturday night there was a Costume contest and a Video contest.

A display room was open throughout the convention. In this room attendees could see the models and artwork, as well as a display of masks used in various Japanese sci-fi and fantasy shows.

In the display room, models of Destroyer and SuperMechaGodzilla, both by Mike Acker, flank a model called "Godzilla vs Roberto" by Greg Rappan.

      Some may not want to take my word on this convention. Here are some comments about the convention by Stan Hyde who judged the model competitions.

      You can also take a look at Gen's Godzilla Page and see more comments on the convention.