Two of the walls, in the display room, show some of the artwork and models that were entered into various contests.

Display Room

      The Display Room was a busy place throughout the convention. People circulating through to see the models and artwork on display; modelers doing demonstrations in one corner; a video game set up in another corner; children working on their entries into the coloring contest. It was always easy to strike up a conversation with the people looking at various models. I have tried to capture some of the models and art for this page, they are listed below. You may also want to see the list of model award winners (I have not been able to get the listing of artwork winners. If anyone has it I would love to get it.) Take time to see the coloring contest page also. As some of the images are large, I have set them up to open in a new window. To return, change windows or close the new one. The listings below are not in any particular order, just enjoy the work involved.