G-Con '96
Kaiju Costume Contest

One of the highlights, for me, of G-Con '96 was Saturday night's costume contest. The trio of Gamera's (above) was merely a small part of the evenings contestants. The costumes ranged from the winning Baragon suit (shown rampaging for the judges) created by Eric Walker and Jim Thompson (Jim, in the hat, was the brave soul inside the suit); to the minimalist Raymond Burr (circa 1954) costume of Marc Dunworth, which, perhaps not surprisingly, won no prize.

Close behind the winning Baragon costume, Tyrone Pagel won third place with his SpaceGodzilla costume, shown here knocking down a building with his patented "spinning tail-whip". Second place went to John Woodward as Godzilla, shown here with Haruo Nakajima. There was also an excellent Gamera costume (with Gertrude Smith in the background as Godzilla, Jr.).

Here are a few other pictures from the competition.

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