50 Meters (1954-1975)
80 Meters (1984-1989)
100 Meters (1991-1995)
20,000 Tons (1954-1975)
50,000 Tons (1984-1989)
60,000 Tons (1991-1995)
Tail length
140 Meters
Special Weapons:
  • Radioactive Breath
  • Generates Internal Surge Of Energy
  • Capable Of Casting Off Anything In Contact With Body
    On Lagos Island a godzillasaurus was awakened by naval bombardment during WWII. After being seriously injured by American troops, Godzilla was left to die only to be mutated into a huge fire-breathing monster 10 years later by radiation from atomic tests in the Pacific. In the 1991 movie Godzilla vs. King Ghidora, this origin is modified so the wounded godzillasaurus is teleported to the Bering Sea. However, a nuclear accident occurs there in present day creating a larger, more powerful Godzilla

    Pictures and sound files

  • Hear him roar!
  • Out for a walk around the countryside (click here)
  • As a mere dinosaur (before the H-bomb turned him into Godzilla
  • The most famous picture of all
  • SOUND: Godzilla's Theme (36 sec = 288 Kb)
  • SOUND: Another G Theme (60 sec = 480 Kb)
  • SOUND: Roar 1!
  • SOUND: Roar 2!
  • SOUND: Roar 3!
  • SOUND: Roar 4!
  • SOUND: Roar 5!
  • SOUND: Roar 6!
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