From top to bottom: 1st Aggregate Form, Flying form and 2nd Aggregate Form, Final Form

1st Aggregate: 2 Meters
Flying: 65 Meters
2nd Aggregate: 40 Meters
Final: 120 Meters
1st Aggregate: 350 Kg
Flying: 1500 Tons
2nd Aggregate: 15,000 Tons
Final: 150,000 tons
Special Weapons:
Fires ray of "micro-oxygen" weapon from its mouth
Inner, extending jaw (like 'Alien') can puncture enemies
Energy blade weapon can slice through flesh
Film Appearances:
Godzilla Vs. Destroyer (1995)
Destroyer is a by-product of the Oxygen Destroyer weapon recreated in 1995. Initially, it exists as several Aggregate stage monsters but combines to form a single creature in the larger stages.

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