85 Meters (Rose stage)
120 Meters (Final stage)
100,000 Tons (Rose stage)
200,000 Tons (Final stage)
Special Weapons:
Spits Corrosive Sap From Mouth And Tendrils
Film Appearances:
Godzilla Vs. Biollante (1989)
Biollante is the result of an experiment in genetic engineering. The creature was created by splicing together the DNA of three organisms: a rose, a human female (Erica, daughter of the scientist), and Godzilla himself. Biollante originally appears as a huge rose with deadly venus-fly-trap-type tendrils. Later, Biollante reappears as a grossly mutated plant-monster (see picture) who, at 200,000 tonnes, is Godzilla's most massive opponent ever.

SOUND: Biollante's Theme (38 sec = 312 Kb)

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